Free Yourself From Panic Attacks

If you’ve ever wondered about the power our minds have over our bodies, panic attacks are a classic example of how powerful our thoughts are over our body’s mechanisms. This is an example.

There are many physical symptoms that our mind can create around our body.Everyone is different, so you can’t experience all of these symptoms to experience a full panic attack. However, if more than one of these occur at the same time, you may be having a panic attack.

  • Feeling lightheaded or dizzy when standing up. This often happens at the beginning of an attack. You may feel like you’ve had a few too many glasses, or the space around you feels a little out of place. Tinnitus may occur because blood is drawn away from the brain.
  • Difficulty breathing. It feels like there is a large lump in my throat and it hurts to swallow. Your chest tightens more and more, making it difficult to breathe deeply and slowly. I feel like I just ran a few miles and need to catch my breath.
  • Increases heart rate. Your pulse will be rapid, pounding, and sometimes a little irregular. My heart is pounding and my chest is pounding, and even sitting still can’t stop it. * Hot flashes. My face is flushed and I feel as if my body temperature is high. Sometimes I feel nauseous, as if I’m trying to fight off an infection…

Many people confuse panic with heart attack. The feeling may be about the same. For this reason, it is a very good idea to seek professional help to ensure there is no physical reason for the attack.

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