Perfect Sales Funnel

Learn how to make your business more successful. Ever wonder how big online players generate so much revenue and online subscribers?

They use the sales funnel (wide at the top, narrow at the bottom) metaphor to monitor the sales process. At the top of this funnel are the ineligible prospects. In other words, someone who needs your service or product but has never spoken to you.

The funnel metaphor can be used when prospects make their way through the various stages of the sales process. By using the sales funnel to calculate the number of leads at each point in the process, you can predict how many leads will be converted over time.

Additionally, by examining how these amounts change over time, you can identify problems in your sales pipeline and take early corrective action.

Sales funnel utilization indicates whether there are roadblocks, dead time, or too few leads at any given time. With this knowledge, salespeople can determine where to focus their attention, keep sales at the desired level, and work hard to reach their goals.

Funnels can also explain where improvements need to be made in the sales process. These can be as simple as bringing in additional sales coaching or asking specific sales people to provide the right emphasis at each step of the process.

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